Dutch FinTech company on stage at FinovateEurope2012

AcceptEmail reveals the world's first Short Invoice Service

AcceptEmail will perform at FinovateEurope, the prestigious showcase of cutting-edge financial technology innovations from leading established companies and hot new startups. AcceptEmail will present its newest feature in London – the world’s first Short Invoicing Service.

The future of Financial Technology
AcceptEmail is one of two Dutch companies selected to demonstrate their invention at FinovateEurope2012, a demo-based conference for innovative startups and established companies in the fields of banking and financial technology. Held on February 7th in the heart of the Financial District in London, the event offers an insight-packed glimpse of the future of banking and finance via fast-paced 7 minutes product demonstrations.

Peter Kwakernaak, CEO AcceptEmail: "After the successful launch of our international platform last year, we are looking forward to go on stage at Finovate again. This time we will demonstrate our innovative Short Invoicing Service. This new extension of our service allows senders to simply convert an AcceptEmail into a text message and send it to customers via WhatApp, SMS or social media. The bill can then be paid quickly and safely via credit card, debit card such as Maestro, PayPal or via mobile banking."

Kwakernaak continues: "We facilitate companies to digitally send bills through multiple communication channels, while maintaining a safe and prompt payment by their customers. The threshold for switching to digital invoices is thus further reduced or even eliminated."

Eric Mattson, CEO of The Finovate Group: "We're very pleased to have AcceptEmail demonstrating their newest innovation in mobile payments on stage at FinovateEurope. Mobile payments are growing quickly and we think AcceptEmail's focus on making the payment of bills easier on mobile devices opens exciting possibilities."  

About FinovateEurope

FinovateEurope is organized by The Finovate Group. For more information on the event or to view videos of previous demos, please visit http://www.finovate.com/europe2012.
"Multi-channel e-invoicing reduces or even eliminates the threshold for making the switch from paper to digital invoices."" Peter Kwakernaak, CEO AcceptEmail
""Mobile payments are growing quickly and we think AcceptEmail's focus on making the payment of bills easier on mobile devices opens exciting possibilities." " Eric Mattson, CEO of The Finovate Group
About AcceptEasy

AcceptEasy lets companies offer their customers payments, mandates and verifications through all digital channels. Hundreds of companies across industries rely on AcceptEasy to transform billing & collections, streamline internal processes and optimize customer journeys. With ten years of experience integrating and deploying its solutions in different environments, customers are assured of high-quality services. AcceptEasy’s market leadership results from the knowledge and dedication of its highly qualified staff. The company is ISO certified and its SaaS-platform is reliable, secure and constantly monitored. Headquarters are in Amstelveen, The Netherlands with operations in the US, the UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and Canada.