AcceptEmail’s First Reseller Agreement in United States Brings Email-Based Billing Capabilities and Increased Lifetime Customer Value to Client Companies   

EBP LLC to offer Europe’s Leading Email-based Payments System

AcceptEmail, the market leader for consumer remittances in Western Europe, today announced its first major reseller agreement since opening its United States headquarters in Manhattan on May 6.

Under the agreement, former global payments executives Allen Gilstrap and Jonathan Knaus will establish a Riviera Beach, Florida-based venture, Electronic Bill Payments (EBP LLC) that will market AcceptEmail to EBP’s clients and relationships. Initially, EBP will focus on AcceptEmail sales to billers in property management, energy and financial services sectors.

“We are pleased but not entirely surprised that this arrangement happened so quickly,” said AcceptEmail CEO Peter Kwakernaak“Allen and Jonathan have a wealth of expertise in mobility, billing and mobile payments. Like us, they take a customer-centric view of billing and bill payment. We both understand that payments by email increase the lifetime value of every customer.”

AcceptEmail has a 95% market share of the utilities, telecommunications, insurance, and consumer finance industries in the Netherlands. Its email-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) requires only an email address - no registration, no log-in and no download of apps. End users can pay an AcceptEmail in less than 30 seconds, straight from the inbox on any device.

“Payments by email increase the lifetime value of every customer.„ Peter Kwakernaak

Cost Savings and Convenience Increase Lifetime Customer Value for Billers

Billers who use AcceptEmail save up to 75% on operating costs during the billing cycle. Customers pay 50% faster than with paper bills or through a biller portal. Customers can pay anytime and from anywhere, using their mobile devices. They get instant, inbox confirmation of payments received.

“Email payments also give companies a wealth of additional customer touchpoints,” noted Kwakernaak. “The more touchpoints the better, especially in today’s world of mobile communications. Already, more than 30 percent of payments made with AcceptEmail originate with a mobile device. That share will only grow over time.

“Companies that have robust, two-way communications with their customers will also find many opportunities to upsell and cross-sell. That’s the capstone of the customer journey, in our view.”

Jonathan Knaus will serve as Managing Director of EBP LLC. He is a veteran of the finance and electronic payments industry on several continents. He previously held executive positions with Western Union, American Express, Eastman Kodak, Unisys, and Marriott.

Allen Gilstrap, a founding Partner in OpenRevolution LLP, will serve as EBP LLC Chairman and Director. He stated, “We saw something unique and exciting about AcceptEmail. Its track record for serving large B2C and B2SmallB organizations is impressive. Its service will be a boon to all our clients and relations who are serving their customers with innovative and creative approaches to mobile engagement and digital commerce.”


Electronic Bill Payments, LLC, is a Riviera Beach, Florida-based company, formed by global payment executives Allen Gilstrap and Jonathan Knaus, that will manage sales of AcceptEmail services in the United States under a reseller agreement. Knaus is a former Western Union and American Express financial services executive. Gilstrap is CEO of Ronoc Asia PTE Limited; a Partner in OpenRevolution LLP, a mobile financial services company; and a former payments executive with American Express in London.

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